Health is the most valuable aspect of life

That is why it is so important to find the best possible medical care for you, your family and friends. We at SWIXMED are specialists in organizing world-class medical treatment for international patients in Switzerland. The work of Swiss hospitals and healthcare personnel is based on strong core values: medical and academic excellence, competent and comprehensive care, modern infrastructure and organisational efficiency.

We take you where they care
Each diagnosis requires uniquely tailored medical treatment. Whatever your healthcare needs or concerns, we are here to help. Our Guest Relations Managers are experienced in bringing together the necessary specialists from different fields and hospitals for the assessment of your particular medical condition.
SWIXMED is you partner to advise and look after you, coordinating your medical care, today and in the future.

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- Andrology

- In-vitro fertilization

- Cardiology

- Sleeping disorders

- Urulogy

- mammographia

- Pulmonology

- Eating disorders

- prostate

- Breast surgery

- Endocrinology

- Boderline


- renal tumor

- Infertility treatment

- Nephrology

- Depressions

- testicles

- Rheumatology

- Gastroenterology







- breast cancer

- Neonatology

- Medical checkup

- Foot surgery

- lung cancer

- Paediactrics

- Cardiological

- Hand surgery

- prostatic cancer

Paediatric surgery

- Oncological

- Visceral surgery

- tumour

- Angiological

- Chest surgery

- neoplasma

- Musculoscelet.

- Plastic surgery

- chemotherapy

- Sport surgery

- Trauma surgery

- Shoulder surgery